Relaxing and very effective treatment which will eliminate any tension in the body. We use natural aromatic oils, which have a healing effect on your body and mind. The oils provide nourishment for your skin whilst relaxing your muscles and clearing your mind.


Full body massage

1h | CHF 110

1h 30min | CHF 160




Great Swedish stress reliever to get rid of muscle tension, improve circulation and lymph flow. A light to medium pressure in long muscle stretching strokes. Great mood improver and sleep enhancer. Can add in a little deeper work at problem areas at your request.


Full body massage

1h | CHF 110

1h 30min | CHF 160




Give your stiff neck, tight back and shoulders a break! you will feel better all over. This focused massage releases tension and restores comfort to this typically tense area.


1h | CHF 110




Using heat and movement enables the masseuse to reach deeper into the muscle tissue which makes the treatment more effective. A hot stone massage aides the healing process of the body, it promotes detoxing the body, stimulation the organs and creating an overall balance.


Full body massage

1h 30min | CHF 180




Manual lymphatic drainage helps to drain swollen tissue. Gentle pressure on the lymphatic system promotes drainage and removal of lymph fluid. Manual lymphatic drainage affects the entire metabolism. A very calm, relaxing therapy – gentle, pain-free and detoxifying.


Full body Massage

1h 30min | CHF 180


Face, neck & decollete

45min | CHF 90




The traditional Balinese massage is a complete head to toe relaxation massage. The massage promotes circulation and muscle relaxation and brings the body into a deep state of relaxation. It stimulates the removal of the lymph fluid, so that waste and toxins leave the body more quickly.

1h 30min | CHF 200




A wondrous facial massage to reduce muscle tension and so reducing wrinkles. 

Face mask at your request.


30min | CHF 60

70min | CHF 140 (Peeling & mask included)




Our classic massage is adapted to provide complete comfort and safety for both of you.

This is a treatment of subtle and light massaging movements leaving you relaxed which will leave you with less physical issues. Blood circulation is stimulated increasing the body’s intake of oxygen and nutrition for both mother and baby. 


Full body Massage

1h |  CHF 130




Wonderful nurturing post-natal treatment that every new mommy deserves. Relaxing that aching body from pregnancy, birth and sitting in hard breastfeeding positions. Gives your body the time to relax deeply.

This full body massage is suitable for all mothers who have just given birth and it can be experienced and enjoyed from the first day after the delivery.


Full body Massage

1h | CHF 130




A great way to introduce massage to your children ages 5 and up. A relaxing gentle pressure massage geared towards youngsters. Parents must stay in the room during the massage up to 14 years or book a DUO massage in one room.


Full body massage

50min | CHF 90


The massage therapist will work on your neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands using an ergonomic chair specifically created for comfort. During the massage, the client is seated and fully clothed. No oil is used.

The therapist can spent more time on one specific area at your request.


30min | CHF 60




It makes up a total meeting of treatment based on chocolate and it has a series of therapeutic effects. A sense of physical and mental wellness and relaxation. It improves mood and nourishes the skin with vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols and magnesium. The moisturizing and improvement of the skin is direct and the improvement of your mood is impressive. Moreover, chocolate is known for its anti-depressant and stimulating properties. The care includes exfoliation followed by a massage with chocolate all over the body and the face. A direct revitalization, moisturizing and a perfume that will follow you like a warm hug.


1h 30min | CHF 260




This gentle and highly effective hydrating scrub draws upon the healing elements of organic shea butter to invigorate and replenish your skin. The treatment begins with a shea butter polish. Sugar, coffee and oat gently bring skin back to its softest and smoothest state, followed by a soothing application of antioxidant-rich vitamin E and jojoba oil in your choice of scent.


1h | CHF180