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Manicure (incl. Nail Polish) CHF 55.- 

Manicure Permanent (Shellac) CHF 60.- 

Gel Nails New Set With Extensions CHF 120.- 

Gel Nails New Set Without Extensions CHF 100.- 

Gel Nails Replenishment CHF 80.- 


Pedicure (Incl. Nail Polish) CHF 80.- 

Pedicure Permanent (Shellac) CHF 90.- 


Brow Shaping CHF 20.- 

Brow Tint CHF 30.- 

Lash Lift CHF 90.- 

Lash Tint CHF 30.- 

Brow + Lash Tint (Incl. Brow Shaping) CHF 50.- 


Upper Lip CHF 15.- 

Full Face CHF 50.- 

Bikini CHF 35.- 

Back CHF 30.- 

Shoulders CHF 30.-

Chest CHF 30.-

Chest and Stomach CHF 50.-

Upper Legs CHF 20.- 

Lower Legs CHF 20.- 

Legs (Full) CHF 30.- 

Arms (Half) CHF 20.- 

Arms (Full) CHF 30.- 

Underarms CHF 20.- 





Microneedling is a proven method of complexion enhancement and skin rejuvenation. It is used for wrinkles, especially for wrinkles around the eyes and lips, for sagging skin, pigment spots, scars, stretch marks and signs of aging. The skin is pierced with small needles to initiate self-healing processes of the skin, as well as to activate the formation of new collagen and elastin and make the skin more receptive to the complexes of anti-aging active ingredients. Scientifically proven treatment activates cells to form a new, more elastic and uniform collagen structure (remodeling). Increased cell growth also leads to thicker, more resilient skin. MicroNeedling improves skin elasticity, moisture content, blood circulation and gives skin a youthful glow. Since MicroNeedling does not produce pigment changes, this procedure is also suitable for darker pigmented skin.

One session lasts about 90 minutes and costs CHF 150.-


The latest high carbonation technology gives you the opportunity to treat various skin problems such as: B. Skin spots, blemishes, moles, warts and much more. Phi-Ion treatment is based on creating rows of tiny spots next to the wrinkles on the skin. This process triggers an instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibers to create a tightening and rejuvenating effect.

The skin is anesthetized with an ointment before the treatment.

Treatments per zone from CHF 80.-


Laser therapy with the PhiLaser Type-V is the most effective way to treat veins and improve overall skin condition by reducing visible imperfections of this type. Vein removal treatment is a great solution for unwanted veins that reduces the appearance of multiple types of veins, including spider veins and reticular veins, without incisions and with minimal discomfort. It also removes broken capillaries and blood vessels on the face. This machine uses the latest technology to boil off the skin vessels without the need for awkward injections. Compared to venous ligation and stripping, the treatments with the PhiLaser Type-V are more comfortable and painless. In addition, the recovery process is shorter and the overall results are great.

Treatments per zone from CHF 50.-

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