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Cell Omega


Start putting yourself at number 1 with a high-quality and pure Omega 3 fish oil.
A body in balance is the start of a skin in balance. 
Embrace the benefits of Omega 3 and use it together with one of our powder products.


TOGETHER (Cell Omega)

High-quality fish oil made from Alaska fish, pure with high quality EPA and DHA.

Content: 120 capsules

CHF 85.-

The only Cellics product that comes in a capsule, with a fish gelatin shell. 

Why? With the food as it is now we get a surplus of Omega 6 inside. And a diet with too high of Omega 6 has an inflammatory effect and can manifest itself in: moisture / fat accumulation, dry skin / eczema, acne or other skin problems (dryness lines / premature aging), but also a poorer concentration, fatigue ... You just don't feel that way nice and often sees this too.

A balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 helps to turn off inflammation, and even when we eat fatty fish every day, we don't get enough of Omega 3. That is why extra Omega 3 is our first step towards a more vital you! 

In addition, the fatty acids EPA and DHA positively influence our health and can significantly improve certain physical functions. The fatty acids, for example, have a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular system), they support the immune system and have a positive effect on the brain.

For the skin, the fatty acids on the cardiovascular system contribute to a smoother, elastic and shiny skin and a firm skin barrier, to protect underlying healthy cells and tissues. A good skin barrier is extremely important to us in your journey to (skin) vitality, so that important processes in the skin cannot be affected so easily from the outside.

Not to mention:

  • For women, Omega 3 is also very nice as an aid to balance the hormones

  • Omega 3 is a proven help with eczema 

  • And it contributes to flexible cell walls (these become a bit stiffer as we age) to allow nutrients to pass through as well as possible.

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